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Posted on Wednesday 24 August 2005

The day I retrieved Rick’s property from the police department, the City Attorney repeatedly asked me if I "felt secure all of my husband’s property was being returned to me." I think I’ve mentioned that on the way home that day his words ran through my mind over and over again…was a little amused because I imagined him thinking- ‘are you sure Mrs. Owens- I want you to be sure because when this is over with today – I NEVER want to hear from you again.’ 

I noticed recently- this is why the CA kept verifying my agreement that everything was being returned to me. It’s because they were ripping me off.  The circled item (leather bag behind the tripod) was photographed with all of Rick’s property, BUT it was NOT listed on any of the property sheets. I had received copies of the photos a few days prior but had not yet gone over them with a fine tooth comb so didn’t notice until much later this item wasn’t returned.  Almost have to admire the smoothness in their sleight of hand…

    Oh Great One
    August 25th, 2005 | 9:58 am

    Is there any chance of getting it now?

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